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No perfect kit can be designed for all situations.

For example if 1000 TB test is too much for a small lab we make a kit of 200 tests. Or for a local nursery hospital we can make sure that for each delivery there is a complete package off everything you need during labor available without the risk of a stock out on the individual parts. 

A kit consists of a range of basic products. Each basic product has several versions. You can decide which version of the product you would like to have in your kit. In this manner you have the possibility to create a kit which perfectly meets the needs regardless religion, culture or circumstances.

With any religions or cultures there are different habits. The same applies to people who lives in particular circumstances. This means that some products in a basic kit does not fit the needs of the requirement. For example the laundry soap in a hygiene kit: 

In some places people wash their clothing in a river. In this case laundry soap powder is not suitable for the situation. With ‘Customize Your Kit’ you have the possibility to choose between laundry soap powder and a laundry soap bar.

Or with some religions people are not allowed to use certain kind of products because it contains traces of animals, for instance soap. In this case you have the opportunity to choose between normal soap and olive soap. This kind of soap contains vegetable oil and is free of animal fat.

Through these small changes you can create a kit that fit the needs perfectly. Svizera Europe can advise, replace and make the kit as per request of the customer.

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Svizera holds the following certificates:


AEO Security and Safety



Medicine and Diagnostics

Medicine and Diagnostics

The kits are specially designed to make sure that each patient can have a full treatment without the risk of a stock out on the individual parts of that treatment. Or a Laboratorium can perform several tests without one of the components is missing.



The recreation kit is developed for children in refugee situations. The kit contains products to play sports with and/or products to make music with. Each kit is designed for several children. Playing together is an effective way to help children with their traumas especially by war and natural disasters.



Making and developing kits is the specialty off Svizera Europe. We have a very broad range of kits and therefore the possibility to customize your own kit.